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New bunch of dates!!

The start of a new year means a new calendar, and I was extra excited by this one because I made it myself.

In saying that, it would not be worth hanging without the efforts of the Geelong Roller Derby League skaters.

When I put the call out for photo shoots they were there with gusto, and made the whole experience a laugh and a breeze.

Doing projects like this, which are love jobs, are so much fun and I wish time was an endless commodity so I could do more and more.

Here are a few of my fav shots ūüôā

Oh and if you want to buy one just contact the league at www.geelongrollerderby.com they would love to hear from you!

This calendar is especially important to me as it was the last one I did before retiring from skating, after 5 years. ¬†It was an amazing 5 years, but I decided there are lots of others things to do that I haven’t done yet so I am excited to see what 2013 has in store for me. ¬†And hopefully Geelong Roller Derby might let me do another calendar for them next year!!

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April 18 2012

I am very much enjoying looking at these skater profile shots again so I might post another couple yet.

Right opposite where we shot this one of Savage Blanc, was a skate park. I am sure we made a lot of teenage boys day that day.  Also, happy to say that as this graffiti is not there any longer, I am happy to have captured it.

Shhhh don’t tell anyone but, a little bird told me that Savage Blanc, who retired at the end of last year, might be missing skating just a little bit. ¬†This means I will need to engage in some arm twisting and guilt trippin’

I have my fingers and toes crossed, or wait, was that just a dream!!

April 17 2012

This was a shot from my 2nd year folio and a job for GRDL.  One of ten skater profile pics for the GRDL website.

I especially love this one for several reasons. ¬†Firstly, the car, its beautiful!!! And this shot does not really do it justice. ¬†And secondly, I love the axe. ¬†This was Death Roll Doll’s idea and it was perfect. ¬†When I asked her , why the axe, she simply replied, well I am a country girl. ¬†Fair enough.

I also just love the vibe. ¬†The axe does add to the vibe, but Death Roll Doll’s expression is a little off putting and makes you wonder what she has in mind.

January 30 2012

Pound Hound

Today I’ve been editing shots I took for Geelong Roller Derby. ¬†They are for their website and for Hit and Miss magazine. ¬† They are skater profile shots and I really enjoyed watching each skater as they showed their alter ego’s personality. ¬†There were not a lot of smiles amongst the photos as that is not what a ‘roller girl’ wants to be known for. ¬† In one session I managed 30 something skaters, phew!!! ¬†Still a few more to go though in take 2.