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April 16 2012

Back to some of my work now that I have ‘shown the lurve’ for the past few days.

This shot is from a shoot I did at Polly Woodside with the delightful Sailor Mouth Sadie.  It was amazing being on the ship, and quite distracting coz I wanted to investigate all the little nooks and crannies.  Its well worth a look.

Happily, this shot and a few others from the shoot were featured in Femme Fatale magazine #3.  I also had work included in issues #1 & #2 as well as the forthcoming issue #4.

I really enjoy shooting creative portraits of women, as I have mentioned before, and I am really lucky to have no shortage of women keen as mustard to participate.

I better get planning the next one!



April 15 2012

This is a shout out of love.

These amazing fire pits are made by my gorgeous husband bare hands.  I say bare hands, but he probably wears gloves.  No matter, he still designs and makes them.

And he is taking orders, and you can pick from various designs.

Winter is around the corner, unfortunately, and what can be better than sitting around a fire with friends and a few bevies.  Don’t for get the marshmallows!

Oh yeah and you can contact him via


April 14 2012

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I am quite surprised I have not posted about this amazing individual before.

Vixen Designs aka ‘Ace of Hearts’ makes some amazing accessories.

These two pictured are my latest acquisitions and I love them!!  A brooch that I want to wear everyday and a t-shirt with one of Vixens own designs.

Check her out via the link below.  Then go give her some Facebook love!

When she’s not creating she is on the derby track making life hard for the opposition.  Luckily she’s on my team!!

April 13 2012

My head is hanging in shame.  It’s been a week since my last post.  So now its catch up time!!  I wonder if i’ll manage a weeks worth in one day.

I had begun showing you some work from my studies, but I need to interrupt that with a few shout outs.


First up its is the exhibition and launch of the online magazine Sea Stoke. I am definitely one to head to a exhibition opening,  art, alcohol and conversation are always a great combination, but this one was special.

The idea behind Sea Stoke is beautiful – ‘paying homage to the sea by exploring its relationship with humans’

Do yourselves a favour and check out their Facebook page or website.

The exhibition runs till May 5 so there is still time to check it out.  The artists involved are all passionate about what they do, and it shows.

Personally, I cant wait till the magazine is fully up and running.  The vibe of the night was really special, and I just know Teash and Gaz will be putting together a brilliant online publication which will showcase their travels and experiences with the sea.

They head off mid year, indefinitely, and I believe the first stop is South America.



April 12 2012

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Thought I would include a couple more from the doll series.

The Silver one is titled Materialism.

The Purple one is titled Decadence.

Previously I have posted the pink one, titled Naivety, which is also my favourite.

April 10 2012

Today is post number 101.  Pretty impressed I have made it this far.  But it got me to thinking about what I am doing, and where I am going with this blog.  I have pretty much been blogging about life as it happens to me whereas I would really like to start having a focused say in where I take things.

I am going to have a few days where I post some images from my studies over the last few years, as most of these images are yet to see the light of day, and they should!!

By then I will have a cunning plan for Ramona’s Day Off!!

This shot is from a series of toy photos designed more for older kids.  The idea is that parents would be as happy with them as the kids.