Week 5 – Relationships

Earlier in the year I shot some newborn photos for my sister in law.  Her second child, a gorgeous little boy, Louie 🙂

This week, I finally finished editing them, and gave her a disc at our nieces 1st birthday party.  She was very excited, and thankful, but was yet to actually see them.   Her response on viewing them is exactly what one is after as a photographer.  She was emotional.  Her response also made me feel emotional, because I had made her feel emotional.  All in all lots of nice warm fuzzy happy feelings 🙂

Anyway, this got me thinking about relationships and then thinking about the effect technology and social media has on them. We all know we spend too much time looking at a screen, but why do we do nothing about it.  Is it purely addiction??  Are we controlled, and entranced to the point we have lost control??  I am sure some of us are!  Are our relationships effected more than we think??  We send texts whilst ignoring the person sitting next to us. What message does that send??  We are only at the very beginning of this social media age, so what will be thought of us in years to come.  Will they look back and think ‘Wow in the early 21st century they really had no clues, did they??’  They just didn’t realise the damage they were doing!

I have spent some time recently banning myself from screens and social media for a day or week at a time, and I was gobsmacked at what I achieved, and how much everyone else seemed so mesmerised with their screens.  If my son loses screen time as a ‘disciplinary action’ it is like I have a new child who is fun, and chatty, and engaging.

Just this morning I saw a quote on social media by Albert Einstein which states –

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.  The world will have a generation of idiots.    Wow, just wow!!!

Now I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but what I really want to know is what happens next?  Will we start seeing groups organising social media free days or weekends?  Or will social media simply implode??   (Pet hate: FB not showing me posts of pages I have liked, but inundating me with posts from pages I have not liked!!)

I have a small part of my friends circle who shun technology and social media, and sure they miss out on some irrelevant stuff, but they are also some of the most amazing people I know.  Why can these people ignore the hype, and the lure of social media whilst others lose so much!  Maybe I should jump ship and join them!

I await the next chapter with breath that is baited!

Note: yes I do get the irony of using social media to question social media 😮









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