Week 4 – The Stars Baby, The Stars…

This lovely long weekend I enjoyed all of the fun with enchanting friends and amazing music in a bewitching setting that is, the Golden Plains Music Festival.  However, whilst that sounds like the delight that it most certainly was, I did have one special highlight.

Something I had never done, but something I had imagined doing from childhood.  I slept under the stars!  All I can say is ahhh the serenity.  Seriously, the bloody serenity!   I had a couple of visitors who after briefly experiencing my experience, left dripping with serenity, and I imagine, envy!

It was one of life’s perfect moments.  The conditions were tailor made for it.  I watched planes, and pretended they were UFO’s, and I saw my first shooting star.  Yep, first one ever!

Even being woken at 4.30am by some exceptionally loud neighbouring tent dweller who thought he was David Lee Roth was ok though as it meant I was awake to bask in the glory of the stars once again.  Surely I was the envy of the whole festival!!

The monumentus event came about by chance when we had  a makeshift camp bed malfunction.  The tarp over the back of the ute we were sleeping in became a little too suffocating, as tarps tend to do, when they are approx 10mm from your face!

Coincidently, it was also very apt when keynote speaker Michael Leunig regaled his enraptured audience with an anecdote of the amazingness of sleeping under the stars or as an elderly indigenous man had put it to him, sleeping on country.  I wanted to jump up and yell out to him my plan for that very night, but something stopped me, I’m guessing it was sanity.

As anticipated, I awoke to watch the sunrise from my bed feeling fresh, sans hangover, being handed an egg and bacon sarnie by my best friend.  Ahh the serenity!

Note: iPhones are not very good at taking pictures of the stars so I am including a pic of how I felt my night under the stars looked.  A little creative license has been used, but you get the idea 😉



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