Week 2 – Colourful

Colourful is a tricky yet probably necessary theme for someone who is always content with very little colour.  If you know me, its clear I like more muted tones, or to be brutally honest, black 😉

It was a hot summers night, and I was driving home with the kids from dinner with their Nan and Pa.  And there, like an oasis, on the horizon, was ‘colourful’.  A beach side summer carnival, a massive tacky drawcard for anyone under 18.  As I slowed I said to the kids, we’re stopping, but we’re not going in!  Thankfully and bizarrely I got no argument, and then I remembered when you’re a kid, and you go on a family road trip, Dads won’t stop to look at anything. I’m assuming it’s quite universal!  So my kids were just happy that Mum, was actually stopping at something ‘cool’.

Like a good little photographer I had my camera in the car, though I really really wish I’d had my tripod too, and the kids both happened to have a camera of sorts with them.  We had a lovely time taking photos, and they were keen learners, which warmed the cockles of a mothers heart 🙂 just like that little bit of sunset that’s still visible.  You should have seen it 10 minutes earlier 😉 just like the one that got away!





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