Craft is the new Prozac!!

The whole world seems to be crafting, and I think I know why.

Craft is the new Prozac.  It is amazing the feelings of happiness and relaxation that can be gained from a day of creating.  Now that I am crafting a day a week with a friend we will do anything to not miss that day.  We have both been known to utter the words,  cant wait for craft day, I need it!!   It’s free therapy!!  Don’t knock it till you try it!!  Hopefully you’ll be as amazed as I was!   A finished craft project equals endorphins!!

When I was little my Mum used to ‘craft’.  The house was covered in things she  had made.  Cushions, lamp shades, knitted jumpers, table clothes etc.  This included sewing some of our clothes.  I digress, but I just remembered the time I was 8 and asked for a pair of jeans, meaning Levi’s, and was presented with a pair of home made jeans, complete with a machine sewed pocket detail.  I also got the matching home made denim jacket.  This ensemble is probably where the ‘double denim’ veto originally came from!

The way I see it is, my Mum used to make things to give her something to do, and because these items were needed for the household, whereas these days we seem to use craft as a break from all the things we have to do.  Plus it has the added bonus of time away from technology.  Op shopping is the same.  It is sooo therapeutic to lose yourself in a ‘good’ op shop.  Never know what you’ll find.

If you are interested in getting into crafting there are endless blogs dedicated to it.   Just Google ‘craft blogs’ and prepare to be amazed, and to lose a couple of hours.   The Old Bar in Fitzroy has a knitting night every Monday over winter.  Worth a look I reckon.

Warning – Crafting leads to an addiction to Spotlight


  1. mareelouise

    Totally agree.
    I’m a knitter and sometimes sewer and just watching something come together is so therapeutic!
    Very envious of your day a week of craft- how do you find the time?

  2. Ruby

    Spotlight and Joys fabric warehouse…
    I just started attending an “art medicine circle” at the YWCA in Geelong.
    It’s definitely better than prozac.

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