Reverting to type!

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It is with great excitement I type these words.  For today I start anew!!

It seems to me I have been coming across much lately, (newspaper articles, blogs and conversation) that is concerned with our love of technology and social media with little or no thought about the effects it may be having on us.

Is this because we are addicted or are we just oblivious?  Is it killing or enhancing conversation and relationships??  Do we care???  I do!!

Personally, I love my gadgets, but I also love all things retro.  So when I decided to take a look at removing my modern ‘lures’ my first thought was to turn to my typewriter.

An old school typewriter is really a work of art.  It’s beautiful!!

Who amongst us would not love to walk out to the letter box, and open a letter from a dear friend which had been typed on a manual typewriter. And by manual I mean one that you have to really push the keys down hard, and there is no eraser key.  It’s as good as a hand written one.  You can actually feel, and maybe smell, the person on the paper.  They have handled it and possibly smudged it.  Imagine the deliciousness of the ‘attempted’ corrected mistakes.   An email pales in comparison.

I used to have a friend who would write to me using hand made paper, and even hand crafted envelopes out of whatever he had at his disposal. Possibly a page from a magazine.  He was also an amazing joint roller so paper was obviously his tool of choice.  Whilst I have not had such a letter from him for many years they are such special memories for me.  Maybe I should type him a letter and tell him that.

When I got out my typewriter, (which I could never bring myself to get rid of) as a tool for this blog post, the sentence I typed was to me, so synonymous with typewriters, I couldn’t resist.   Sorry.

Think I might type a letter to a friend today, instead of Facebooking.



  1. ace

    loved reading that & it reminded me of my old remington typewriter Ive had since i was about 10. I still have it & I shall send you a pic 🙂

  2. Mel

    oh I wish my sister still had her typewriter! I remember having typing lessons in high school, no computer til year 10! I really loved this post, I’m so inspired by it, I think I may start writing letters too! My daughter loves to handwrite letters, and the thrill she gets when one is posted back is just priceless! Thanks for sharing x P.s. Why has the blog changed it’s look?

    • Ramona's Day Off

      Thanks Mel 🙂 Blog has changed its look as I have changed my plans for it. It will no longer be daily, but weekly so that I can hope to improve the content. Look at the post before this one for more details.

      So so happy you were inspired by this post. Oh and I had typing as a class in high school as well xx

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