April 29 2012

Oh the shame!!!  Thankfully, I am not feeling the shame that this woman would have felt in this moment, circa. 1948.  The article I got this photo from went on say that social services were not called, and there was no judgement of what this woman was forced to do.  Times were just very different.  Which also made me think that these days kids will probably ‘survive’ even if they don’t get everything they ‘want’ in every way shape or form, because at least we are not selling them to the highest bidder. Just food for thought!

Anyway back to me!!  I am now many many days behind with my commitment to post a photo every day, and I have made an executive decision.  This was not an easy decision by any means.  This blog has been an amazing journey so far, and one I really wish to continue.

I was unaware of how much I would enjoy it, and the fact that I would want to take it further, but I do, I do.  When I started the blog it was to be about the photos, but I am enjoying the writing part way more than expected.  It has also now had the desired effect on my photography, and I have so many ideas and plans that I need to free up some more time to achieve them.

Sooooooo I am going to start posting weekly, which will allow me to focus more on each post.  I may post more than weekly, but there will be at least a weekly post.  At this point I am thinking I will allocate Mondays for R.D.O.   (tehehe)

I really think I can make Ramona’s Day Off a much better blog if I am not making it about quantity rather than quality.

Now how do I recover from the feelings of failure associated with this???  I think I just have to tell myself to get over it and make my blog something I can be proud of.






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