April 13 2012

My head is hanging in shame.  It’s been a week since my last post.  So now its catch up time!!  I wonder if i’ll manage a weeks worth in one day.

I had begun showing you some work from my studies, but I need to interrupt that with a few shout outs.


First up its is the exhibition and launch of the online magazine Sea Stoke. I am definitely one to head to a exhibition opening,  art, alcohol and conversation are always a great combination, but this one was special.

The idea behind Sea Stoke is beautiful – ‘paying homage to the sea by exploring its relationship with humans’

Do yourselves a favour and check out their Facebook page or website.



The exhibition runs till May 5 so there is still time to check it out.  The artists involved are all passionate about what they do, and it shows.

Personally, I cant wait till the magazine is fully up and running.  The vibe of the night was really special, and I just know Teash and Gaz will be putting together a brilliant online publication which will showcase their travels and experiences with the sea.

They head off mid year, indefinitely, and I believe the first stop is South America.




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