April 7 2012

This pic from the local school fete brings back childhood memories for me.

Being the youngest in my family, I remember my sister and brother getting to go on the big cool exciting rides, whilst I had to settle for ping pong balls in a clowns mouth.  I always thought I was really good at it as I always got a prize, not being privy to the ‘every child wins a prize’ catch cry.

It’s funny now that I have a daughter of my own this is the thing she wants to do the most at any fete or show we go to.  She always asks if there are clowns as she is not keen on rides.

Cant wait to chat to her about them when she grows up!




One comment

  1. Mel

    I love this shot, because it reminds me also of childhood and going to the gala day parade. Back then, after the parade, the streets were all blocked off, into the night, and they were filled with sideshows with all the big rides along the waterfront. The clowns were always my favourite. So thank you for sharing this image x

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