April 6 2012

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Had an interesting Good Friday.  My choice of the word ‘interesting’ is an ‘interesting’ choice to say the least!

Got up at 5am to get on the road so as not to waste a minute of the day, and hence the fun that would be had by all.  I even took a photo of the sunrise to prove to those naysayers that I did actually get up at that time, as I am well aware of the unlikeliness of this.

The drive to Cape Bridgewater was delightful, blue skies, gorgeous landscapes.  And I’m not normally one to be ‘taken’ with a lovely landscape, much preferring a grungy urban scene.

We were gobsmacked with the breathtaking oasis we were met with arriving at our destination.  Stunning!!  I highly recommend the journey.

Camp was set up easily, a soft grassy bed for the tent, and a lovely shady tree to sit under reading a book.  Perfect!!

Jemima and I were in the tent putting finishing touches to making beds, and unpacking bags.  Camp kitchen was ready for me to prepare the planned salmon and salad lunch.  If this was relaxation then I’ll have 2 thank you!

And then….. 😦

Disaster struck, all Hell broke loose!!!!!  Within seconds the weather ‘turned’, the tent was demolished, and children were running screaming,

We were in the path of one of the most productive wind turbines in the world, and foresight should have told us that it was probably not the smartest place to pitch a tent!!

But alas hindsight is all we have, and the lesson is learned.

Our dear friends were consoling and offering of solutions, but the dummy had been spat, and we planned to head home, licking our wounds on the way.  Plus the weather did not look remorseful in the slightest, and we had left the easter eggs at home anyway!!

All was not lost, I decided to focus on taking photos on the way home, equipped merely with my iPhone camera, Instagram, and a husband more than willing to indulge me.  Bless him!!

After all this, meat was eaten!!









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