April 2 2012

Firstly, I want to apologise for the sub standard photo on todays post.  But I do have a good excuse!!

We have a bee hive which every couple of months we get a lovely haul of honey from.  I think I have shown you some jars of our honey, previously. Anyways, we were due a fresh batch, and the bee man came in his white suit armed with his smoke machine ready to capture that sweet, sweet nectar.

So me, in my infinite wisdom thought, ahhh what a great blog post this would make, an action shot of the bee man.  I discussed this with him, and he said yep ‘no worries’ they wont bother you, but if they do, run.

You can see where this is going cant you???

He got started and I wandered over, within the time it took me to snap this pathetic shot the bees had decided I was not to be tolerated and ‘went me’  The bee man had said run, so run is what I did!!

I was running around the yard like a crazy woman screaming for help and crying.  I was only stung twice, but I don’t know how, I felt like I was covered in bees.

Finally the buzzing around my head quietened, and I needed a vodka and a lie down to recover.  Sheeesh!!





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