April 1 2012

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About a year ago a friend had a little girl.  Her name is Olive Mary, and she is the sweetest little poppet you ever did see.

Olive has just reached the milestone of her 1st birthday, and I felt the need to make a big fuss of her with a post all her own.

Now Olive isn’t just a friends little girl, she is also my Goddaughter.  A role I am soooo happy to have.

When Olive’s mum, who also means the world to me, asked me to be a godparent, I burst into tears, I think before she had even finished her sentence!!

Just to give you a little background on me, whenI had my kids some of my friends said, ‘you were the last person we thought would ever have kids’ Nice!!  But I do see their point, I was never one to appear clucky or be all goo goo gaa gaa over babies.

Olive got me though.  I can’t resist her.  She always has a sweet smile for me, and is super smart and cruisey.  Not to mention stunningly beautiful.

Can’t wait to fulfil my godmotherly duties as little Olive grows.  Might get the knitting needles out, winters coming!!

Thanks for the pic of me and Olive , Scott




One comment

  1. sarah

    Couldn’t think of a better Godmother. Olive Adores you just as much. Thanks for the beautiful post on Olives behalf xx

  2. Teash

    Olive is a little heart melter…even worthy of a ‘comment’! Gaz said ‘She doesn’t really look like either Sarah or Scotty, does she?’ I always thought she resembled Scotty quite a bit, with mama’s gorgeous pinchworthy cheeks! Either way, simply to die for!!
    And dido, best Godmother EVER!!

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