March 20 2012

What lies within?

It’s no secret I like old things, and what better than an old backyard shed. This one is so cute with its corrugated iron, and peeling paint, and cobwebs.  It’s picture perfect.

As a child it would have been way scary, with its cobwebs and probably no electric light.  It would have sent shivers down my spine to go inside.  But I’m a grown up now, and I really wanted to look inside this one, but it isn’t mine, and just taking the picture was probably wrong, after all it was in someones backyard!

It reminds me of a cubby house I used to have when I was a kid.  It was my Mums when she was a kid so it was a really cool old cubby that looked like a real little house.  Excuse the cliche, but they don’t make ’em like that anymore.  Anyway, I was shit scared of this cubby because it was dark and probably full of spiders.  I say probably because it was too dark to see if it was full of spiders, I just assumed they were there.  Waiting!

I would play in the cubby, because it was a cubby, but it was pretty creepy. Wish I had a photo of it!

Anything could be in this shed!!  Old car parts, old books, rotting unwanted clothing, dismembered body parts.  You never know!  The door was locked!

Ok its time for bed I’m getting carried away .




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