March 19 2012

This is Emma!!  She is helping me be a good mother by keeping my youngest entertained whilst we have a ‘no technology’ week.

Normally, ‘technology’ is one hour a day max (which includes TV) but we are doing a week with none.

Besides lego world, I am also planning baking world, and photo world, and craft world.  Also great timing as their Dad has just finished making them a basketball ring which should go up anyday!!  There is heaps to do besides staring into an iPod, but even when they have ‘playdates’ they sit next to each other staring into an iPod.

The technology ‘thing’ bothers me more than making sure they eat veggies everynight.   We, and when I say we I mean those over 35, didn’t have technology as children, apart from ‘Simon’ and Commodore Vic20’s, so we don’t know what it will mean when they grow up.  Now more than ever I wish my kids came with a manual!!  Or better still a crystal ball!!



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