March 12 2012

Do you like the pretty birds??

Their reason for being here are twofold.

#1 I watched a funny clip (Portlandia) the other day about how there are ‘birds’ on everything.  This is very very true, and I didn’t want to feel left out so, voila!!  Funny how animals go in and out of vogue.  I remember a time when it was frogs and cats and lizards and cow print etc. I wonder what’s next??

#2 I also wanted to make a comment about childhood memories.  These birds were on my Nan & Pa’s wall whilst I was growing up.  Right next to that cuckoo clock which I cannot prise from my mothers grasp.  They were promised to my brother, but since he abandoned the country about 20 years ago, the family decided they should stay in Australia, so I got them!!  Yay for brother leaving the country.  Hmmm I suppose I shouldn’t be more excited about inanimate objects than people.  Anyways, that brings me to my point, childhood memories and items that remind us of the past have a strong hold on our heart strings.  And the older we get the more important they become.  Or is this just me???



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