March 5 2012

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Got this down off the shelf and dusted it off today.

It will no longer be a dust collector!!  From this day forth it will be a camera again!!

I’ve had this beautiful 70’s camera over a year, and I am yet to put my first roll of film through it.  Oh the shame, the shame!!

But… I am happy to say I now have motivation.   A lovely photographer friend and I have started catching up to discuss all things photography, and by ‘all things’ I mean, discussion to the point where normal friends would have long since glazed over.

Happily our chats also include tasks to be completed before the next chat, and running a roll of film through this baby is ‘one’ of my tasks this week.  Mmmmm, film!!

Now, where are those children of mine!!  Mummy wants to take photos!!



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