March 4 2012


Wooby Wooby Wooby

This delightful coffee pot was a gift from a delightful friend.  It was a gift for the sake of giving, which is always the best kind.  It really made my day, thank you Ruby E Raze.

The wording on the pot is one of my favourites, and its something I tell my kids, if not daily, then weekly.   I must be getting old as I am having nice thoughts of a simpler time when folk had time for each other, and not just gadgets.  The irony is not lost on me as I post on a blog rather than drop in on a friend.

Is the ‘drop in’ a lost art???  These days it almost seems a bit rude to drop in on a friend as we are all so busy every minute of every day. As a child we would go to my Nan’s for afternoon tea every saturday. There was a nice table cloth, (probably hand made) the ‘good’ crockery and heaps of treats.  It was a real ritual.  I don’t think I have ever put on an afternoon tea like that for a friend.  OK its on the to do list!!  If only I can find the time!

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