March 1 2012

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This is Brenda Bender!

Moments before this first shot was taken Brenda led a happy vibrant life with a bright future ahead of her.

Then suddenly, she was cut down in her prime, in a horrific road accident. This same photo was the aftermath of Brenda’s nightmare of being hit by a truck, and flattened to a more than usual flatness, after being ‘thrown’ from a moving vehicle!!

Fortunately, for Brenda brave and courageous bystanders leaped into action and saved the day.  Precious moments were wasted with the actual looking for Brenda, as when you are flung out of a car window, and you are only 5 cm tall, it can take quite some time to find you.  And of course there was the added danger of the brave and courageous rescuers not wanting to be run over themselves.

Happily, Brenda has fully recovered, and has gone on to live the life of a small bendy toy, as the second photo demonstrates.  A life that promises the odd random play, being discarded to the bottom of the toy box, and an eventual rebirth to life #2 via the Op Shop.


This story is based on actual events, and the author hopes that those involved can see this story for its ‘entertainment’ value without reliving trauma or post traumatic stress.


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