February 26 2012


It has just dawned on me that after almost 2 months of blogging I have not made mention of roller derby.   Strange that something that is a big part of my life, I have chosen to leave out.  Well its time to rectify that, and what better day than the day I have to pass a rules test in order to be able to play in our next bout.  Fingers crossed!!

Ok I have just had another thought provoking moment.  Maybe the reason I have not mentioned roller derby is because whilst it may be fun and important to me, to those who don’t play it, it can appear as a freak show or at best, a ‘wannabe’ sport.

Roller derby’s public persona in the mainstream, does not do it justice.  It is a real sport that requires many many skills.   Including, but not limited to, agility, endurance, teamwork, strategy, and playing offence and defence at the same time.  Plus, the best part is, you need to do all this whilst being on wheels.  Being on wheels is So. Much. Fun!!

I have loved watching women join the league, fall in love with the sport and go from never having played a sport before to being fit, disciplined and skilled.   As a woman, I have never had the opportunity before to be so physical, and it feels amazing.  It takes time to get your head around the physical aspects, and some people are not comfortable with it at all, but when you do it really makes you feel alive.

Here’s hoping I have a little more time in me yet, but to be honest one aspect I am not comfortable with is being the oldest skater in our league. But I’m also not ready to give up any of the many important friendships I have made so far!!










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