February 20 2012


Let this be a warning to all parents, don’t let your kids shop online.  This suit just turned up in the mail!!!

My son’s in the leopard one!!  And one of my besties son is in the blue one.  I’m not naming names as I don’t want to risk losing her friendship by posting this!

Its hard to look at them without laughing really.  What were they thinking, and what is a ‘Morphsuit’ for.

Well off I went to investigate with the ever reliable, and omniscient Google, and discovered that apparently when wearing a MorphSuit, one will ‘morph’ into a much more fun version of themselves.  Ha!!!

They were designed by some mates in Scotland after attending a party where someone in a skintight jumpsuit was the life of the party.  These suits did already exist, they are just enjoying some new popularity right now.  Thousands and thousands and thousands of them have been sold worldwide.

Hmmmm I wont be climbing into one any day soon, but the effect they have on people is quite unusual.





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