February 4 2012

This week for Audrey’s Apron (craft day) we went on an excursion!!  We went op shopping for vintage fabrics, and the like.  Found a few little gems too.

On the way home we past this shed on the Torquay Rd, and I remembered this pic I had taken of it a couple of years ago.  Then I got to thinking of how this will probably be gone soon.  New estates are springing up all the way from Geelong to Torquay.  Even a new suburb!!!   A few years back someone said to me, ‘one day there will be houses all the way from Grovedale to Torquay’ and I thought pffft!!!  Then I also remembered how I thought it was weird that someone had opened a plant nursery right in the middle of nowhere.  Not so weird after all, very very smart!!

And then I got to thinking of all the people who, like me,  had made a ‘sea change’ to a beautiful spot, which is now beginning to lose its appeal.  When we first moved to Torquay 13 years ago, the council put on regular ‘new resident’ evenings with lots of info and a huge supper spread to make people feel welcomed to the area.  We felt special, and it was on that night we were told that Torquay was to stay a small intimate town, and it would be capped at a certain number, and how important that was.  I think I need to insert another ‘pffft’ here as that number has been well and truly surpassed.    According to ‘Google’ there are plans for Torquay’s population to swell by another 40% before 2016!!  Like everything, sadly, it’s all about money.

Maybe its time to think about going back to Melbourne, there cant be anyone left there!


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