February 2 2012

Amelia Palmer

This is a very old photo of my niece, probably taken with my first DSLR. She is gorgeous, and I love her, but thats not the reason for posting her photo.  Though I am biased, and think it is really reason enough!!  I imagine her mother would agree!!

If I had to choose one type of photography to focus on, I think it would be to take photos of woman, for woman.  Photos that women want of themselves, not designed for partners, or that their mothers would like, just pictures that woman love of themselves, being themselves, or any alter ego they wish to be for the day.   The options are endless!!

This was Amelia’s bedroom, and completely untouched for the shoot.  She would have been early twenties, and I think she looks so confident, beautiful and relaxed despite the chaos surrounding her.






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