January 19 2012

Maureen Vivienne

This is a picture of my mum when she was quite young, early 20’s I’d say.  I cant ask her how old she was coz then she would know I have plastered a picture of her half naked on the internet.

There is a reason I am showing you this!  I wanted share my thoughts on photography ‘back in the day.’  I love the emotion and vibe any shot from the 50’s 60’s or 70’s seems to have.  Now I think there are a few things that assist this, the fashion, B&W, the film and camera used, and often the images are of icons of the era.  This photo is simply an old, damaged, photo of someone standing on the beach, but it has ‘something.’

Whilst I cant get enough of looking at old photos, predominately B&W, I also wonder how we will feel about the shots we are taking now, in years to come.  Will they have the same vibe and feeling in years to come that I feel about photos that are old today??  Will we say, ‘check out what we are wearing’ and ‘look at your hairdo’ like we do now?  Surely!!!

I always tell clients that a photo will increase in value to their eyes as the years go on.  In 20 years time, a picture they hated of themselves, they will love because they look 20 years younger.  For sure pics of their kids taken today are cute and sweet etc, but in 20 years when they are grown up and moved out, Mums will ‘well up’ looking at pics of their kids.  And what about the millions of digital images we all have.  No longer do we have a family album on the coffee table, everything is safely filed away on a disc after disc after disc.  What will become of them???  Will we ever look at them again??  Will these photos only be rediscovered after their owners Will reading???

Back to making my main point!!  I cant wait till I am old to see how looking back on my old photos makes me feel.  Note: that would have to be the only reason I cant wait till I’m old!!

This post shows me why I am a photographer.  I love looking at photos 🙂


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