January 14 2012


OK so I didn’t take this photo today, but I have decided that I can include shots I have taken at other times if it is relevant to my post.

This shot is my favourite from a series of 10 I did for my 2nd semester folio, 2nd year.  They were all of this doll, but each image had a dominant colour which served to imply a mood or feeling.  This one hopefully portrays ‘naivety’.

I have been thinking about what I will do this year, and I would really love to do some more of this fun and quirky work.  I am a little drawn to toys and making them more adult themed, and not as they were intended.

This doll was my sister’s and I don’t remember her getting it, but it apparently had a pretty dress, and long hair which my sister hacked off.   I really like this doll,  and I enjoy how children find it hideous and scary even though it was intended for children.  Small design flaw!!






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