January 12 2012

Old School

This is a test shot for something I have had in mind for quite awhile.  I want to make it a massive wall print, when I take the actual shot that is.  This is only a small number of records and I plan to include many more.  And I do have many more records, but some really don’t need to see the light of day!

There are a few things that have inspired this,  I saw a similar idea by another photographer and loved it, plus I like the idea of taking myself back to another time.  A time when I actually went to a shop, probably on the bus with my bestie, and bought a record made of vinyl, and went back home, on the bus, to listen to it for the afternoon.  Sitting in a bean bag with massive headphones, reading the lyrics and enjoying the cover art.  If there were no lyrics provided, that was OK, I would spend hours listening and re-listening till I got them right, or thought I had it right.   Spending afternoons like that is how we end up with songs like Spiderbaits, Alex the Seal.  Now I don’t mean to get into a rant here, but one thing I am sad about the whole iTunes thing is that ‘kids’ these days miss out on sooo much by not buying the whole album.  A single off an album is never the best track!!  You need to experience the album as a whole.  And don’t even get me started on some of the current ‘talent’ for want of a better word!!

Anyways,  CD’s didn’t become big till the late 80’s or early 90’s so that means my entire teenage years were record based, musically.  Teenage 80’s choices, not pretty!!  My point here is that to do this shot, and make it cool, I need to update my vinyl collection.  Jenny Morris, Howard Jones, and Moving Pictures just don’t cut it in 2012!  Though I am happy to add, The Clash still do!!!

This also got me to thinking about when I was a kid, how I was always amazed by how many massive changes my Nan and Pa had seen in their lifetimes.  Electricity, the phone, the TV, the fridge, to name a few.  But to be honest a bloody lot has happened in my lifetime too.  We have come along way from dialing the phone, taping songs off the radio,  and Commadore 64’s to where we are now 🙂


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