January 11 2012

One down, many many more to go!!

Today was craft day!!!  I love craft day!!  It’s the cheapest form of therapy I know.

Guaranteed to relax the stressed out!!  Today I crocheted a granny square.  A proud moment, even if it took all day, and I pulled it out to start again probably about 10 times!!  This was craft day #2.  Last time we made owls, sans beaks.  Oops!!

A very good buddy (the gorgeous and amazing Sarah) and I have begun a craft group which we have dubbed ‘Audrey’s Apron.’  We will be inviting others as some point, once we gain a few skills ourselves that is.

This crafting lark is truly addictive, and I think those people at Spotlight are really on to something, business wise, I find I am spending more and more time there, and more and more money.

Stay tuned for more exciting creations from Audrey’s Apron 😉

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