January 10 2012

Little Miss Mima

I love checking out markets and vintage shops.  Chapel Street Bazaar, The Mill, and Lost and Found just to name a few.  And often when I go treasure hunting I take with me my youngest, Jemima.  Jemima is 8 and hates anything that is not brand new.  This has tended to make life hard for our Jemima as she lives in a house full of ‘old things.’  I cant imagine the confusion she faced when recently moving into our brand new home only to find it not so brand new.  The floorboards, light fittings and various other materials had all been previously ‘loved.’    Anyway, her usual M.O. upon entering one of the aforementioned establishments is to make a pact with herself to ‘not touch anything.’  Coz its all old and dirty 😦  HOWEVER, coming across this stall meant she had to break a rule.  These dresses were not to be resisted.  Arms were placed inside arm holes, happily!!  Photos were posed for, happily!!  There is hope yet!!


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