January 6 2012

The Family ❤

Now technically I am breaking all my rules here as this photo was taken last week, and I didn’t even take it, but today is my birthday and I could think of nothing more important to me than my family.   All three of them are totally amazing and I am blessed to have them.

One of the reasons I got into photography was to make sure there were lots of pics of my own children as there were not many of me as a kid.  But unfortunately taking photos for a living means I never take any of my own family!

Maybe another challenge I need to set myself is to take more family stuff so when my kids grow up they don’t say ‘Mum, why are there no photos of us?’ Like I did to my Mum!

I am now 6 days in and so far I have taken a very relaxed approach to the images I have included, and I think its time to step it up a little.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring!!

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