January 5 2012

The Girls!

These are our latest addition to the family!  Six chooks 🙂  I wanted to name them Gladys, Myrtle, Judy, Agnes, Maureen and Gertrude.  Kids were not too keen on my choices though.  Mixed in amongst those six names are the mothers in law, but Shhhh 😉  When I planned to include a shot of ‘the girl’s I wanted to get them all in, but it turns out thats not so easy.  They are all in this shot, #6 is at the very bottom right hand corner!  Mental note, no more attempts at chook photography, they just don’t listen.  They won’t be ready to lay for another 4 weeks, and I cant wait.  How special, to walk out in the morning, grab a couple of eggs and poach ’em or scramble ’em or boil ’em.  Mmmmm yum!


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